tardigrada (ex_tardigrad720) wrote in uk_makeup,

Vacuous yap about makeup that nobody in my regular journal would want to read.

I LOVE makeupalley. Swap package this morning from Renee in South Carolina (landscape_babe), and she included two of the rare-as-whoa Sally Girl eyeshadows like what our Sally shops don't do any more - as extras!

Also, years after I lost my discontinued UD Rock Superstar face case in a move, I finally bring myself to buy a very expensive replacement on eBay. The day after it arrives in the post, I win another one on eBay! So now I have 2. That's cool though, the other can be kept as a backup, as it's one bit of makeup I would definitely use up and replace. It's a hot pink/purple/black/white colour scheme, in case you haven't seen it. A bit "Hot Topic"-y sounding, but actually just awesome.

Today I'm wearing UD Deluxe in "Honey" (gold) and Bobbi Brown "Charcoal" as liner - both MUA swaps.

I worry a bit that sooner or later I'll get swaplifted, but if I do, eh, c'est la vie. All the excellent swaps I've had so far definitely make up for that risk.

Today is a Good Face Day.
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