tardigrada (ex_tardigrad720) wrote in uk_makeup,


I've been a-swapping with people overseas via MUA. Today, my first packages arrived - and wow, I've got so much awesome American stuff!!

Milani eyeshadows and blush, Sonia Kashuk metal eyelash comb (a backup for the one I already have - they're worth their weight in gold), Jane liquid liner, Bath and Body works shower gels, body lotions, hand cream, soap, lip gloss... and I gave away a bunch of high end "buying experiments" that had previously sat unloved in the bottom of my makeup box.

I highly recommend putting any barely-used goods you don't want up for swap on there - both of the members I've swapped with have been lovely. They both did "Custom Purchases" in return for my stuff (i.e. they went shopping for me). I only hope they're as pleased with what I sent them.

I'm "idealforbarbecue" on there, if you're a member. Most people are in the US, but there are members from all over.
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