mesotardigrada (tardigrada) wrote in uk_makeup,

A Beauty CV

Hey everyone,

I am looking for a bit of beauty-related, but somewhat unusual advice. I want to apply for jobs in various beauty stores in central London for the holiday period. Most ask for a CV as the initial stage of application. Unfortunately my resume consists mostly of academic work, bar work and office temping, although I do have a bit of retail experience too.

What sort of things should I be highlighting on a resume targetted specifically at beauty jobs? Creative hobbies, self-presentation, customer care? What about amateur makeover experience like making up my friends and family - is that worth mentioning? Should I include online links to images of makeup I've done, or is that too much for an initial overture?

I know submitting a portfolio is more usual for this kind of work, but I think as it's just seasonal temping, they want to be spending less time looking at applications.

Thanks for any advice!
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