tardigrada (ex_tardigrad720) wrote in uk_makeup,

Superdrug 50% off Almay

The whole Almay range at Edinburgh Princes St. Superdrug is 50% off - I mention it here because hopefully it's a nationwide promotion.

I recommend checking out their foundation, which is for my money the absolute shiznit as high street brands go, and particularly failsafe at only £4.99 a bottle in this here sale.

I use the line smoothing one (even though the name makes me feel about 100). It's not got the hugest range of shades, don't think it even caters for Asian or black skin, but provided you're pasty white or lightly tanned it's excellent for dry winter skin, actively guards against breakouts and provides SPF15. The stay-on-all-day one is also meant to be really good.

Just thought I'd share.
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