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Boots 17 Eley Kishimoto GWP - Thumbs up!

This promotion is running right now. You spend a fiver on 17, and you receive a gift box with Eley Kishimoto designs on it. Inside is a full size eyeshadow and a full size lip gloss, a handbag mirror and a trial size black mascara. All the items have Eley Kishimoto patterned packaging, and the eyeshadow and lipgloss are in cardboard pots a la Stila single shadows.

Here it is

The eyeshadow ("Night Pool") is a sheer blue-green. It comes in swirly blue green and black coloured packaging. The base colour is a sort of grey-cloud blue, and the iridescent shimmer overlaying it is mint green/turquoise. I was surprised to find such an unusual colour from 17 - it's totally unlike anything I have in my collection (which is some feat).

The gloss ("Chill Kiss") comes in black packaging with pink spider webs on it. This is pretty shimmery cool pink, and looks a bit intense in the pot, but goes on quite sheer, giving just enough shimmer and colour to distinguish it as a gloss rather than a balm. It's not sticky, and feels natural on the lips. Oh, and it's minty.

I can't comment on the mascara 'cause I want to keep it closed and hygienic til I need it, but the outside is black with spiderwebs on it.

The mirror is about 2 inches in diameter and has the same blue green and black swirly colours as the eyeshadow pot.

In order to get my hands on this intruiging collection, I also bought 17 Perfect Match foundation, one of those adjust-to-skin-tone ones. It seems OK too, sheer and light coverage, giving a natural looking finish with just enough cover to even skin tone. It's a bit siliconey feeling, almost a gel texture. I bought "light" which looks hideously orange in the tube, but turned out OK on my face. However it was unable to lighten itself to the shade of my inner wrist (which was the palest bit of skin I had handy) so I don't recommend it for anyone very very pale.
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