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Fake MAC eyeshadow - a spotters guide.

Here's a run-down of the tell-tale differences between real MAC eyeshadows and the kind of fakes often sold on Ebay. The fakes were bought, by me, in good faith, so yeah - I'm a mug. But you get to benefit from it!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe fill weight of 1.3g only ever seems to occur on a genuine shadow. 1.5g and 1.3g fill weights are found in genuine products, however the fakes tend to be marked as 1.5g. So while a 1.5g weight alone does not indicate a fake, if your shadow looks dodgy anyway, a 1.5g might be a further sign of counterfeiting.
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woah are you going to complain?

I bought them months ago, so I don't know if I still can... I thought I'd probably just let it go, TBH.

fake mac


August 9 2006, 19:44:29 UTC 10 years ago

holy crap! I just recieved my so called MAC eyeshadow on ebay like 2 hours ago. I have the same issue. I also got an e/s called prismique and it's a dark grey color! It looks EXACTLY like the light blue e/s you got. hindges and stupid compartment.
Oh shit, I'm sorry. Who's the seller? Report them and open a dispute with Paypal!

Hope it works out ok :/

Re: fake mac


10 years ago

Deleted comment

Hmm... I just checked my collection, and my "Flashtrack" is in fact 1.5g, so I stand corrected on that one.

Thanks so much for this post.. it'll come in handy!
I just wanted to make a note, though. I was examining a MAC shadow of my own for comparison, each time going "oooh thats right! Ohhh wow, that one is SOOO fake! " etc etc, but I just wanted to point out that my authentic (bought 2 days ago from a mac store) does indeed have a number to it, although the rest of the text regarding the product (ie, name etc) it does actually have an alpha-numeral on it as well, in BLACK text nearly blending in to the almost gray-casing. I believe this would be a color code, as it states A96. The color itself is Bisque matte.

Just wanted to point this out, as I noticed in your pictures your authentic shadow does not have a number... maybe it was smudged off? I dont know. Other possibility is the difference in location? Perhaps UK markings are different than those here in Toronto, canada. *Hmmm* I dont have an answer for this one.:)

Oh, also my shadow is as well 1.5g


But still.

haha i know this is an old post, so sorry for posting this so late.

If you look at the "real" in the picture showing the backs, there is indeed a slight shadow of a letter/number combination revealing the color. It looks almost like A05.
I work for MAC as an artist.

The A## are MAC numbers. They use numbers on their shadows too.


Re: The underside,


6 years ago

yes i got my mac from macy's and i looked at her fakes and my real m=Macy's brought mac and ur right my real mac it 1.5g as well!!!! AND MINE HAS a a96 in black letters too!!!
Wow I never knew this was even an issue!

Thank you so much for posting this, I totally did not even know about this.

I'll be more careful when I look at them!
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the one with the double sides
was put in a l'oreal container wtf lol

wow this was useful

im never buying MAC form ebay..
I am from LA and my MAC shadows, all from the MAC store @ Hollywood & Highland all weigh 1.5g. FYI.
I was looking for some MAC Rose Blanc Veluxe Pearl eyeshadow, it was a limited edition and my favorite, and I found a lot on Ebay. I ended up purchasing and when I got it, I noticed that it seemed just a little off, mostly texture but a little in color as well. The boxes and containers look identical to the one remaining Rose Blanc that I had purchased at a MAC store.
I just couldn't figure it out until I noticed that the ingredients list on the Ebay ones were different from the original MAC store version. Some of the missing ingredients were Nylon-12, wheat germ extract, and soybean extract (I guess these ingredients are exclusive to the veluxe pearl formula). I also compared the ebay ones to a new MAC store bought veluxe pearl in different shade just to make sure MAC hadn't changed the formula and ALL of the MAC store veluxe pearls include the additional ingredients. Anyone familiar with this or have a reason why the ingredient formula might be different. I can only assume that the ones I puchased on Ebay are fake..
yeah, so I got duped too and bought knock offs from ebay... luckily, the seller refunded my money in full (after several weeks of complaints to paypal and ebay) and a few days after that I received my "MAC" eyeshadows... My friend thinks they are real, but looking at these pictures I don't believe they are real (I even went into a MAC store in NY and I should have bought one for comparison!), but the color IS highly pigmented and lasts ALL day (I work in catering and the stuff lasted throughout a 12 hour shift last night), and it is just really vibrant.
If there were a MAC store where I lived I would go find out,but I am just so sure it's not real, either way, $2 per color MAC or not is a good deal on eyeshadow!

Now I know for the next time to not be so "cheap" and trying to get high quality products on EBAY! lol.
Thank you so much for posting this. I'm very sorry you had to find out the hard way (I've been very hesitant to order anything that could be a fake on eBay... but I've still gotten shitty items that were advertised as higher quality!)... but I really appreciate you publicizing your experience so this doesn't happen to more people!

Re: thanks!


May 15 2009, 22:37:36 UTC 8 years ago

I just got 24 fake mac eyeshadows for my birthday lol..I didnt pay for them, so meh. But is there a difference in quality? Like say you used urban decay to help it stay on, would it really matter? I cant afford mac right from the site lol

What about MAC pigments? are those on ebay fakes as well?


May 25 2009, 22:40:43 UTC 8 years ago

I think these fake shit are all over,i bought some on ioffer,I got them they look real but when i put them on the colors only last an hour.Be-aware!



October 1 2009, 03:55:43 UTC 7 years ago

I have purchased over 20 items in ebay and all the time I received authentic stuff which they claimed in their listing except this time! And also this was the most expensive online transaction I had, plain unlucky! The words "genuine" and "authentic" are everywhere in the listing, I trusted magenta-shores (Kimberly), she has over 430 positive feedback and bidded on her 75pack of authentic MAC cosmetics, only to find out that they are actually excellent fakes in the end :(

I was sooo happy when I received them because they looked sooo real! I immediately left a positive feedback for her, but then later I discovered something strange, the black sticker on the bottom of the eye shadows and blushers have writings in pale yellow instead of silver (the names such as Dollymix, Shroom etc). I immediately emailed to Kim but she didn't respond anymore. I must say that these are high replica goods that you won't find them suspicious just base on pictures but you have to compare with the authentic one side by side to see the difference on the packaging and texture!

I have read a lot about MAC fakes, I can avoid the obvious ones like those with mirrors and sponge applicators but this one, I admit defeat at first sight! The counterfeit products are getting better. Counterfeit MAC products now come with names, stickers, barcodes and everything. Pls take a look of this below useful spectra website. xqueeze_me has taken close up pictures and made comparision of the authentic and counterfeit MAC eye shadows.
Can you believe it?


I didn't depot the eye shadows and blushers I receive because I want to return to seller to get full refund but all of them have stickers below the pots with pale yellow writings instead of silver. I also compared all the views with the pictures xqueeze_me took and the fake ones are exactly the same as the fake ones she posted. Likewise for my authentic ones which I bought directly from MAC stores. They are such excellent counterfeit that every batchcode on the box matches the sticker below the pots/jars! Most are even Limited Edition! I almost fainted since I spend over 1000 dollars on the fake! I have filed and escalated a dispute with Paypal, hoping to get a refund! Does anyone know if MAC could help to verify that these stock are fake and help in writing? I want to make sure I win the case. This is totally unacceptable! I also want to change my positive feedback to negative one to warn others since she is constantly selling these large packs of so called "authentic" MAC cosmetics in Ebay. She has all positive feedbacks, she told me that a lot of wholesalers are getting from her and resell. I want to buy authentic and genuine MAC cosmetics and was conned by high replica stuff which I won't use. So ladies out there, pls beware! Things are not as straight forward now, they are really getting better!
I just had the same problem with Benefit products. i spent a hefty amount too! i think you can get verification in writing for your products but you might have to talk it out with the manager/business manager. the only thing is it takes time to do those things so get started asap and dont wait til the 45-day mark. Good luck! i feel your pain, girl!
Shit... I just bought five fake "MAC" eyeshadows from a vendor at my school. No wonder she was trying to clear them out. *sigh*
That's $25 I'll never get back. :/
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August 16 2010, 01:45:49 UTC 6 years ago

You have helped me a lot, thanks