tardigrada (ex_tardigrad720) wrote in uk_makeup,

Purple/blue and sickeningly long male eyelashes.

After many months of praise and jealousy of his long and thick eyelashes, this boy here was persuaded to let me unleash their full power with a couple of coats of mascara. It's only one eye, and not as thorough a coverage as I might have liked, since he shied away from the brush like a frightened horse. But you get the idea. "Wow, they reach my eyebrows!", he said, batting them smugly.

MAC is bringing out a collection of "boy" makeup in the US at the moment, so who knows - this could be the first of many appearances...

Additionally, here is a purply blue effort on myself, with UD's Asphyxia applied over a Burt's Bees cream eyeshadow as base, and topped with UD Radium liquid eyeliner & black mascara.

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