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Miffed! Bombshell Bath Order Update

Well, I now know what's happened to my "Bombshell Bath" order I made a few weeks ago and was getting concerned about not having arrived....

UK Customs stopped it and have decided that I owe about £9 "duty" on the products getting delivered.

Considering the entire order added up to about £27 before posting, this seems harsh.... I'm also a bit concerned that my stuff might not be intact, considering the package has clearly been opened up and rifled through, but I guess the only way I'm going to find out is by coughing up the cash at the post office, huh. Not Happy.

I'd ordered 2 lipsticks, 10 eyeshadows and about half a dozen samples of other products, so while it was a good-size order it was hardly HUGE, and the £9 customs' charge seems ridiculous, that's like 33% of total sales value....

Not at all BB's fault but I thought I'd post here to let you lovely folkx know that this can happen when receiving packages by post from the US. I guess I've just been unlucky as I know LOADS of other people who've got stuff from BB -including larger orders than mine - and other US cosmetic companies without any problem, I just thought I should make people aware that this can happen.

Does anyone here happen to know much about Customs' Tax/Duty and how it works? Can they just stick any value of extra "duty" on a package? UK VAT is 17.5% so I'd expected to pay this, like £5 AT MOST, on my package of goods.

Has anyone else been hit by this kind of problem themselves? Interested to find out what I can expect to pay, or if there's any way to avoid this kind of cost and inconvenience, for future reference.

STILL think the Bombshell Bath prices are good EVEN with this unexpected blinkin' surcharge as long as the products are nice (when I finally get round to receiving them)

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